Museo del Paesaggio Verbania

Museum of Landscape

To visit during your next stay on the Lake Maggiore, The Museo del Paesaggio. The Museum of Landscape is a cultural institution deeply linked to the territory of Lake Maggiore and its community. This binding, which is at the base of its constitution, has been consolidated in more than a century and is also the foundation of its mission.

 The Museum was founded in 1909, when Antonio Massara, its founder, identifying the landscape with the greatest value of the territory of Verbania, initiated an awareness raising project that culminated precisely in the constitution of the Museo del Paesaggio.

The Museum maintains a vital relationship with the landscape through a continuous activity of research, conservation and cultural-artistic promotion. Education is also part of the Museum’s mission, carried out through a series of different activities including events, workshops, seminars and workshops for adults and children.

Its main venue is at Palazzo Viani Dugnani in Verbania Pallanza, which hosts the Gipsothèque Troubetzkoy, the Arturo Martini sculpture collection, the Pinacoteca and temporary exhibitions.

Freud e Troubetzkoy
collezione Troubetzkoy Verbania

TheTroubetzkoy Gipsotheque (Plaster casts gallery)

> permanent collection

The entire ground floor of Palazzo Viani is dedicated to the impressionist sculptor Paolo Troubetzkoy (1866-1938, Intra), son of the Russian prince Pietro and of the American singer Ada Winans. By the artist’s wish, his heirs donate to the Museo del Paesaggio all the plaster works left in both Suna’s residence and in the Neuilly sur Seine studio.

Paolo Troubetzkoy, defined as an impressionist sculptor by his contemporary critics, flaunts the form of his works to obtain the effect achieved on the canvas by the scapigliati painters, or the interpenetration between the subject and the surrounding atmosphere, giving the representation an indeterminacy that belongs to the incessant mutability of real life.

The economic security, which made him independent from the requests of the client, allowed him to develop a very personal style: his portraits take shape at the very tops of very fluid plaster, which modeled with quick and nervous strokes of the spatula, leaving the details of the face to surface, always with the traits of the “unfinished”.

Troubetzkoy attended the best society of his time, and among the works preserved in the collection of the Museum we find portraits of famous personalities such as the Baron de Rothschild, George Bernard Shaw, Lev Tolstoy, Mary Pickford, and many others.

Green Harmonies, Landscapes From The Scapigliatura To The Twentieth Century

> temporary exhibition – until 30 September 2018

The Museo del Paesaggio, after the reopening in 2016 with the exhibition dedicated to Paolo Troubetzkoy, starts the spring season with an enchanting exhibition dedicated to the landscape: Green Harmonies. Landscapes from the Scapigliatura to the Twentieth Century.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into 3 sections: Scapigliatura, divisionism, naturalism; twentieth century Italian artists; Beyond the twentieth century. The exhibition develops through the charm of about fifty works – including paintings by Daniele Ranzoni, Francesco Gnecchi, Lorenzo Gignous, Emilio Gola, Mosè Bianchi, Carlo Fornara, Ottone Rosai, Filippo De Pisis, Arturo Tosi, Umberto Lilloni – coming from art collections of the Cariplo Foundation art collections, of the Landscape Museum and private collections.

quadro museo del paesaggio
esposizione museo del paesaggio Verbania

The overview of the selected works testifies to the variations in the interpretation of the landscape, from the centrality still of romantic origin that the theme occupies in the late nineteenth century painting, to the volumetric interpretation of the Twenties, where the landscape is constructed as an architecture and suggests a sense of solidity and duration, up to the new sense of precariousness expressed since the Thirties.

An evocative and fascinating journey through masterpieces of art, between scenarios of great poetry, beauty and colors of works ranging from the late nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century, to investigate the timeless relationship between man and nature.

Opening Hours 2018: From Tuesday to Friday / 10.00 am – 6.00 pm and from Saturday to Sunday and Holidays / 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

Entrance:  € 5,00 – Reduced: € 3,00 – The ticket includes a visit to the ‘Armonie Verdi‘ exhibition and the Gipsoteca Troubetzkoy.

For residents of the Province: free entry on the first Sunday of each month and admission at reduced prices on other dates.

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